We prepare a strategic and personalized study of the necessities of every client, keeping in mind all the variables what affects the market.

After getting all the information we propose the most effective action, depending on the budget and the aim

We make up the best project for each client, getting he feels comfortable with it.

After investing money and time in an event organization, you can put the icing on the cake contracting a Speaker.

After studying the aims of the project, IFM will propose you a famous speaker (footballer, former player, coach, media star…) who will be able to connect perfectly with the audience into the event.

Thanks to the speaker you can get a lot of relevance, increasing substantially the success of the event.


We get the player takes advantage of his image rights, earning extra amounts in his short career.

All the athletes have a market niche where they can get profit to, thanks of their image, their principles and their profile. We find what and where it is.

IFM prepares a personal study and a personal strategy what leads to new earnings and events for the player.

Image rights

Companies need to reinforce their brand. Using a sports sponsorship allow the companies become to more objective audience when they are in an relaxed and happy moment. This is the perfect situation to connect with possible clients.

IFM finds the event what connects better with your brand, preparing all the details. You only should worry to enjoy the moment.


Social networks have become an essential part of a public personality.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… engage to feedback with millions of people around the world, opening a new communicative market.

To avoid huge mistakes, these tools are needed to be used by professionals.

IFM communication department works deeply in developing these tools in a personal way and advising the user in the day-to-day social networks running.


In this global world, every athlete should be prepared to change his home due to professional reasons.

IFM works hard to help the client with the problems what appears during the process of changing country or city. He only has to concentrate in his job and family.

Problems connected with home, schools, insurances, licenses, cars, phones… will be solved by IFM.